Memories of Glastonbury

Memories of Glastonbury

I feel the need to write down some of the incredible events I experienced at Glastonbury. I’m going to start with the first night, Wednesday night. Glastonbury is a huge place, it can take hours to walk from one side of the site to the other. I set off into the huge playground with my crew of workmates to explore the hard work that had been taking place over the last few months to create this place of music and fun.

As a crew we work over two sites and thus had a split in the group. The synchronicities began at the stone circle when the fireworks to open the festival were about to take place, not only did both crews arrive in the same spot among a sea of people but also some girlfriends I hadn’t seen in over a year, what made this even more special was the fact two minutes earlier I had been in a conversation about my new role as a manager. I’m the only girl in the company currently in this position, I had been discussing my feelings on the matter and the fact I was missing the strong women I had previously worked with who were not with us this year, moments later the women I had been discussing came into my vision, I suddenly felt so full with power, surrounded by so many wonderful friends that make me feel nothing but strong and capable.

After the show of fireworks we made our way to find some music to dance too, sure enough we found some awesome gypsy music that had me swirling and stomping in no time, in the midst of joy I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Yuly, my beautiful friend I spent many months with while living in my van on the south coast of Portugal. She had made a last minute decision to travel to the UK for Glastonbury, Yuly and her friend Harry had cycled to the stage and wanted to explore some more, I just new I had to go with them, I said goodbye to my crew knowing it would be almost impossible to find them again in the sea of people with next to no phone signal.

A little drunk and high on life we decided to attempt to get all three of us on Harry’s bike, low and behold it worked. Somehow, even though we were heavy, sat in awkward positions, and navigating dirt tracks filled with crowds of people we glided around the site. This new way if transporting ourselves meant we got to see the huge array of stages available, hear the music whizz past our ears, see the art work and light shows light up our way and get our bearings for the weekend ahead of us. We traveled this way for some time yelling ‘just believe’ because I’m sure this is what was fuelling our adventure, eventually when our bums couldn’t take much more we stopped in a little pile of laughter and smiles. In this moment of happiness I caught sight of someone I recognised through a crowd dancing to drum and bass, I made my way through the people and there was my whole crew dancing away. We danced until the music ended, when it did the crowds dispersed, in the mass of people moving, I lost almost everyone but Yuly and harry.

The night still young we carried on our adventure, in the distant trees we noticed some lights, as we entered a bar appeared, decorated with mushrooms hung in the trees and a dj playing my favourite dub music. As we made our way through the crowd Yuly and harry recognised the crew they were working with, feeling like the perfect time to drop them with their friends I made my way to try call my crew. As I stepped out the trees I saw them walking towards me, they told me half the crew were already inside and so there we were, all crews in the same tiny bar among the trees at one of the biggest festivals I’ve ever been too.

I danced until my legs told me it was time for bed, waving goodbye I made my way back to my van alone. New to the site I found myself a little lost, mainly through daydreaming about the incredible night I had just been apart off and basking in the love I was feeling. I wandered until I came across a place i recognised. The memories of that night at small world came flooding back, the happiness I had felt and the incredible connections I had made. As I approached the stage an artist was picking away at a guitar, I made my way to find a spot to watch when a guy stopped me, He smiled a huge friendly smile and asked “do you wanna wrestle” having loved training in MMA in my past, I grinned back and said “let’s go.” He suddenly whipped of his shoes and one sock, I knew immediately we were about to sock wrestle. the reason I knew about sock wrestling was down to the fact two years previous, in the exact spot I was standing I had been taught the rules of sock wrestling and spent hours enjoying this silly game with my friends. I whipped of my shoes and one sock, knelt on one knee, locked hands with my knew opponent and returned his smile and nod to acknowledge the start of our fight. We rolled and wrestled in the grass to remove one another’s socks. When I finally lost the battle in a heap of panting Alvon introduced himself. As quickly as we had met he had to leave and with that he went into the night. I sat with my new friends that had cheered me on until the end of the majestic music, the most perfect end to an incredible evening. 

I walked the rest of my way home in a bubble of bliss, I couldn’t help but smile, thanking the universe for these synchronicities for its in these times of flow I know magic can happen. I feel so full of trust and knowing that this summer is going to bring me nothing but love and happiness.

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  • Kate aura

    Was having a really rough morning and picked up insta to distract myself with others story’s.. I love your writings and all you do so jumped at the chance to check out your blog and just wanted to say thanks. My vibration is instantly lifted and I’m ever grateful for the reminder of how majik life is. To watch my thoughts and to manifest abundance into my life. You seem a master at this. Thanks so much for sharing xx

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