The next chapter

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The next chapter

For those of you that have followed my journey so far you will know a little about my back story, a little of where I've been and where I'm heading, but for those of you just joining I thought I'd write a little about my journey that has lead me here writing this blog and what this new website represents for me.

Sea the Moonlight started as a hobby, I was living in my van in Australia which was a complete life change. I've worked since I was 12, and prior to my life in a van I was training in MMA fighting. Thats until I got a serious head injury which put the fighting to an abrupt end and had me questioning what my new purpose was. I went from a busy city life to one of roaming around in nature, learning to slow down, relax and love life.

I started with macrame to fill my time and after a while of falling in love with the craft I could see a future where this could be my life full time. I didn't want to keep the same routine of working day in day out to save for my travels, to quit, spend my savings and start all over again. I wanted something stable, something that could support me while I traveled. I could start a small business, buy a bigger van to fit everything and explore the world. It felt so far fetched but it kind of fell in my lap and I couldn't push the idea away, I couldn't ignore that feeling in my stomach, it felt too right, I was too excited.

What followed was two years back in the UK living in a tiny attic room working a full time job and trying to start my little business. I was finally making enough sales to start cutting back on shifts, I transitioned to part time and eventually to self employed. I was still living in a house, I had to work 7 days a week 10 hours a day to pay my bills, I just knew that I belonged in a van, my bills would be less, I would be back in nature, fully inspired and not working myself into the ground.

It was a year and a half ago I moved into my van full time, to be sitting here writing about my first initial dream and actually living in that dream feels surreal. Since then I've had new dreams form, an extension of this one, ive been talking about a website for so long, it was one of those things I imagined in my future, to have a professional web space, to feel like a real business women and not just a girl winging it, but technology has always intimidated me.

To again be sat here, writing on my blog on my website feels like a milestone. To some this is a simple task, but finally seeing this dream smoothly scroll on my computer screen makes me feel proud. The more I keep reaching these goal the more I believe in myself. This is more than a website to me, this is proof I can achieve things I thought impossible, its proof I should never stop reaching for my dreams, that I can keep pushing this little business and see where it will take me.

I have visions of community spaces, a place where I live side by side with other artists, I see workshops and a reliable, abundant source of income. For now those are still dreams but this website is the stepping stone to reaching them. Here is a place I can connect with the outside world, a space to share my work, my thoughts, trials and triumphs. A space I hope you will always feel welcome to pass by. I want this website to be like my next dream, a community space, for growing and sharing honestly, a positive space to share my art and connect with all of you.

if you've read this far I thank you, for being here, you see it's your presence that makes this all a reality for me. Wether you're here to browse, to shop my collections or just read my words you make this all possible, I couldn't be more grateful for you and this life and I so hope you will drop by again!

I hope all your dreams will come true too.

Lots of love

Annie x


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  • Johanna

    Hi Annie,
    I love your blog and photos, your lovely dog, your van life, your beautiful inside and out self. Maybe one day I will live in a van Shaun too. Until then you give me courage that it’ll be possible!
    Much love from Germany

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