RHODONITE Macrame Necklace

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This macrame crystal pendant is hand made and hangs on an adjustable necklace made with wax chord.

Living a life of pure joy might seem like a fairytale, but when you bring the Rhodonite crystal properties into your life, it makes the heart grow bigger and wiser, opening up your spirit to infinite possibilities. If your relationship has reached a stalemate, use the power of the Rhodonite to peel yourself off the bathroom floor, wipe away the tears, and transform conflicts into love and understanding.Known for its powerful vibrations of pure love, the Rhodonite crystal healing properties are an excellent remedy for calming frayed nerves. The Xanax of crystal healing, the Rhodonite replaces anxiety, fear, and anger with warm and fuzzy emotions like self-worth, wellbeing, and stability, all the characteristics that make you feel like the real you.

Avoid submerging in water to keep this necklace at its highest quality.